In 1892, 14 British pillar boxes were installed in Hong Kong and until the handover to China in 1997 thousands more serviced the territory. What is left are painted green and it was reported in October 2015 that Hongkong Post planned to put a plate over the remaining 59 post boxes with royal insignia that are still in service to 'avoid confusion'.

There haven't been any riots over post boxes yet but it's not a bad idea to visit some of them before they are gone. Two are very difficult to reach - one is in the closed frontier area with China and one is in a mental hospital.

There are 73 British era post boxes left in Hong Kong, 64 in service and 9 on display:

  • 1853-1901: VR - Queen Victoria - two on display in museums
  • 1901-1910: ER VII - King Edward VII- none
  • 1910-1936: GRV - King George V - seven remaining in service, one in a museum
  • 1936: ER VIII - King Edward VIII - none
  • 1936-1952: GR VI - King George VI - two in service, one no longer in use in Stanley
  • 1952-1997: ER II - Queen Elizabeth II - 49 in use and five retired and on display 
  • 1954-1997: There is one in Chater Road in Central with a Scottish Crown 
  • There are 5 from the British era in service that have no royal insignia

You can find them all on the Hidden Hong Kong Map