Hong Kong Heritage

Declared Monuments

Hong Kong Heritage Declared Monuments

There are 120 Declared Monuments in Hong Kong, ranging from ancient rock carvings to ancestral halls to colonial light houses and gas lamps. How many have you been to?

Ping Shan Heritage Trail

Ping Shan Yuen Long Hong Kong Heritage

There's lots of old buildings in the villages around Ping Shan near Yuen Long, no long hike is needed to explore, the starting point is minutes away from Ping Shan train station.

Colonial Post Boxes

Colonial Post Boxes Heritage Hong Kong

In 1892, 14 British pillar boxes were installed in Hong Kong and until the handover in 1997 thousands more serviced the territory. 59 with royal insignia remain in everyday use.

Old Hong Kong Street Signs

Old Hong Kong Street Signs Heritage Hidden

There's a few generations of street signs around in Hong Kong and for one reason or another they don't all get replaced when a new standard comes out.

Hong Kong Cemetery

Hong Kong Cemetery Colonial Military Graves

Between Stubbs Road and the Happy Valley racecourse, there's around 10,000 graves beginning in 1842.

Boundary Stones

Colonial Boundary Stones Heritage Hong Kong

Stones last longer than fences, look out for these city and military boundary stones still around in Hong Kong.

Property Lot Stones

Colonial Property Plot Stones Heritage Hong Kong

When plots of land were first sold off they were identified with stone markers. Most of them were discarded but some can still be seen built into buildings and walls.