Abandoned Hong Kong

Hong Kong Urbex

Changing demographics have left once thriving rural communities deserted while inner city sites are left to rot. Check out Hong Kong's ghost villages and abandoned mansions, factories, resorts and miltary sites.

Some of these areas have begun to be re-populated and renovated over the past couple of years - Lai Chi Wo is a great example where Government funding, renewed family interest in their heritage and eco-tourism are bringing life back to the oldest settlements in Hong Kong.

Kuk Po

Urbex Abandoned Kuk Po Village Hong Kong

In the far north east of Hong Kong, across Starling Inlet from China, lies Kuk Po, a now largely abandoned village.

Yung Shue Au

Yung Shue Au abandoned village urbex decay derelict

Hakka village near Starling Inlet and close to the border with China. Yung Shue Au means banyan pass. Now completely abandoned.

So Lo Pun

So Lo Pun abandoned village urbex haunted decay derelict

One of the Plover Cove ghost villages, So Lo Pun has been uninhabited since the 1980s. It is said to be haunted.

Lai Chi Wo

Lai Chi Wo Abandoned Derelict Decay Urbex Hong Kong

Lai Chi Wo village was completely vacated but is nowadays seeing a recovery with renovation and repopulation as well as a steady flow of local eco-tourism.

Sha Lo Tung

Sha Lo Tung Abandoned Village Urbex Hong Kong derelict

In 1960, Sha Lo Tung had a population of 260 people. By the end of the 1970s all of the 50 houses were abandoned, the villagers moving overseas or to city areas.

Chek Keng

Shek Keng Sai Kung Abandoned Village Derelict Urbex Hong Kong

Chek Keng sits in the shadow of Sharp Peak in the remote Sai Kung Peninsula. The village is now mostly abandoned.

Sham Chung

Sham Chung Abandoned Village Urbex Hong Kong

Abandoned Village in Three Fathoms Cove. Sham Chung Tsuen is a Hakka village first settled by the Lees and then the Wongs during the reign of Emperor Qianlong.

Fan Lau

Fan Lau Abandoned Village Urbex Lantau Hong Kong

Fan Lau is in the remote south west corner of Lantau island, it was occupied by the Leungs, the Chans, the Hos and the Lams who engaged in fishing and farming.

Luk Chau

Luk Chau urbex abandoned hong kong village derelict

Luk Chau Tsuen in Lamma is partially populated but a number of houses in the village, including the striking no. 7, are abandoned and dilapidated.

Dairy Farm

Dairy Farm Pok Fu Lam Abandoned Urbex Derelict

Old Dairy Farm structures in Pok Fu Lam - cattle sheds, piggeries, manure pits, paddocks and stream crossings.

Hong Kong's Angkor Wat

Abandoned Urbex Hong Kong Tung Ping Chau

Once a thriving community of 2,000 people, now the homes on the remote Hong Kong island of Tung Ping Chau are being reclaimed by nature.

Deserted for development

Urbex Abandoned Ma Wan Deserted for Development

In the shadow of the suspension bridge that services Hong Kong airport, stands Ma Wan, a deserted village with 250 years of history.

Pak Mong School

Abandoned village school urbex pak mong lantau hong kong

Built in 1955, at its peak in 1975 it had around 30 children. It was closed down in 1985 due to a lack of children and it has been vacant ever since.

Mo's Old House

Urbex Abandoned Mo's Old House Po Toi Hong Kong

Mo’s Old House was built in the 1930s. After an attempted kidnap Mo fled the island. The house has been vacant since the death of the housekeeper about fifty years ago.

Abandoned Mansion - Yu Yuen

Urbex Abandoned Mansion Hong Kong

Abandoned and falling into a state of disrepair, "Yu Yuen" was built in 1927 by Tsoi Po-tin of the Tsoi clan who settled in Wang Chau in Yuen Long hundreds of years ago.

64 Kennedy Road

Urbex Abandoned Mansion 64 Kennedy Road

The private residence of a bus tycoon's family for decades but equally has been left abandoned for a long time now too. 

Marble Hall Gatekeeper's Lodge

Urbex Abandoned Built as the Gatekeeper’s Lodge of Marble Hall

Built as the Gatekeeper’s Lodge of Marble Hall which was the private residence of Sir Paul Chater. Nowadays, it is vacant.

Abandoned Island Villa

Urbex Abandoned Villa Cheung Chau Hong Kong

There's been a lease on the land at 13 and 14 Don Bosco Road in Cheung Chau since 11 July 1898. The villa and its annex building have been vacant since 2001.

Abandoned Mansion - Shek Lo

Shek Lo Urbex Abandoned Mansion Fanling Hong Kong

Shek Lo was a private residence built in 1924 by Peter Tsui Yan-sau, the founder of Wah Yan College. It has been vacant since the 1980s.

Dragon Lodge

dragonlodge peak hong kong urbex abandoned decay mansion haunted house

This pre-war mansion at No. 32 Lugard Road on The Peak is said to be Hong Kong’s most haunted house.

Abandoned Resort

Urbex Abandoned Resort Hong Kong

Club Captain Bear was in an idyllic location but this abandoned resort in Tai She Wan on the now former High Island in Sai Kung is hard to get to.

Abandoned TV Studios

Urbex Abandoned TV Studios Hong Kong

This old ATV studio is just off Hiram's Highway on the way to Sai Kung and is now being taken over by nature and graffiti. It must once have been a glamorous place.

The White House

Urbex Abandoned The White House Victoria Road Detention Centre

Built in the 1950s, the Victoria Road Detention Centre was a 'Special Branch' Police intelligence compound. Now under full scale redevelopment as a business school.

Abandoned Lime Kiln

Abandoned Lime Kiln Peng Chau Hong Kong Urbex

Lime kiln factory built in the 1920s. Business declined in the 1950s facing competition from cheap import white lime and the factory was closed down in the 1970s.

Abandoned Match Factory

Urbex Abandoned Match Factory Peng Chau Hong Kong

Established in 1939. Due to trade restrictions imposed by other countries the match making industry in Hong Kong declined and the factory closed down around 1981.

Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir

Urbex Abandoned Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir

The Workmen’s Quarters and Senior Staff Bungalow are at the top of a small hill to the south-west of Tai Tam Byewash Reservoir dam. 

1930s Underground Citadel

Military shing mun redoubt war abandoned urbex tunnel London hong kong

A network of tunnels, observation posts and pillboxes, built in the 1930s on the northern part of Smuggler's Ridge to guard the most vulnerable land route into Kowloon.

Mount Davis Battery

Mount Davis Battery Hong Kong Military Battery Fort Gun Emplacements Ruins Urbex

High on the western extremity of Hong Kong Island, Mount Davis was the site for a battery built in the early 1900s. It became headquarters of the Western Fire Command.

Pinewood Battery

Pinewood Battery Military Gun Emplacements Hong Kong Abandoned Urbex

Built in 1901-1905, to ward off a perceived threat from Russia and France, later seeing fierce action in World War II.

Sai Wan Battery

Sai Wan Battery Abandoned Urbex Military World War II gun emplacements fort Hong Kong

First constructed in 1905 at Lei Yue Mun overlooking the eastern approach to Victoria Harbour.

East Brigade Headquarters

East Brigade Headquarters Abandoned Urbex Military World War II Hong Kong

These bunkers in Tai Tam were bombed during the assault on Hong Kong but were never attacked as the Allies withdrew to Stanley.

Pillbox 3

Urbex Abandoned wartime pillbox Hong Kong

Constructed for the defence of Hong Kong in the 1930s, this wartime relic near Hong Kong cricket club can still be explored.

The Rules of Urban Exploration

  1. "Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints."
  2. Be careful, old abandoned structures can have unstable structures, unsafe floors and broken glass.
  3. Don't break in and don't trespass.
  4. Do not steal from any sites you explore. 
  5. Never vandalize a place you explore even if there are already signs of damage.